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Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

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A beautifully minimalist and stylish modern smart USB powered fan that features two touch sensitive quiet operating modes, contra-rotating blades and a carry handle which doubles as a stand and hanging hook for wall mounting.

Warum diesen Artikel kaufen?

  • Stylish modern design
  • Two Contra-rotating blades provide a powerful stream of cool air
  • Two power modes with touch sensitive control
  • Ultra-quiet yet powerful
  • Economical USB powered design
  • Portable carry handle
  • Hang out, chill out

  • Produktbeschreibung

    Stylish modern design

    Modern minimalist design with fantastic intuitive touch functionality, the Oroshi Smart USB Fan looks fantastic on any desk or other environment and even better, due to its incredibly portable design you can take it with you from desk to desk, location to location.

    Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

    Two Contra-rotating blades provide a powerful stream of cool air

    What you have here are two separate blades working on two separate motors. One is 5 bladed, the other is 7 bladed and they rotate in opposite directions. Why? To create a more powerful stream of cool air to bring faster and more pleasant cooling. You can even detach the fans easily for easy cleaning.

    Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

    Two power modes with touch sensitive control

    Most fans either have no control options or big clumsy buttons. The Oroshi features a touch sensitive casing that allows you to change operation - or stop or start it entirely - from a simple touch. Touch once to start in low power whisper quiet mode, touch again to enter high power mode and touch once more to turn the fan off entirely. Simple, elegant, effective.

    Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

    Ultra-quiet yet powerful

    No one wants a noisy fan whirring away while you work, so the Oroshi is very quiet when turned on, so much so that you won’t even notice it is there, other than the fact that it makes you feel cooler on those otherwise uncomfortable hot days. In whisper quiet mode, the fan is making less than 26dB which is very very quiet indeed. Even in high power mode, it's only barely 35dB. So keep cool in peace and quiet.

    Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

    Economical USB powered design

    Not enough electrical sockets near your desk? Relax, be cool… as the Oroshi is powered via USB, so you can simply plug it into your computer and enjoy instant cooling air. No installation software is required, just plug in and be cool.

    Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

    Portable carry handle

    The Oroshi features a leather-styled carry handle that is hard-wearing and robust. Not only does this handle make the fan very portable and easy to move, it also provides a stable base to stand the fan on.

    Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black

    Hang out, chill out

    Not only does the carry handle make carrying and standing easy, it also provides a means to hang your fan from a suitable vantage point. This could be somewhere on the patio on a hot day, or a peg above your TV or PC, or perhaps next to your bed on a hot humid night. Just make sure you have access to a USB charger nearby and you're good to go.

    Technical Specifications

    • Material: Metalllegierung / PP-Harz / PU-Leder
      Gewicht: 290g
      Abmessungen: 100 x 100mm
      Schnittstelle: USB 2.0 / 3.0
      Luftvolumen (m³ / min): Hoch 6,5 Niedrig 5
      Geräusch: hoch 34 niedrig 26 (Lärm in einem schalldichten Raum gemessen)
      Länge des USB-Kabels (ungefähr): 1m / 39.4in
      Stromversorgung: DC5V (fest) 500mA oder höher (vom USB-Port versorgt)

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